Oaxaca City, Mexico, 2020

A city with a dance on its own.

We travel to recover an emotional search that transcends the aesthetic.

We travel not only to find something beautiful but emotionally important whilst being significant.

Oaxaca is full of magic. You don't have to "seek out" for special places; Oaxaca is Mexico's heart and soul.

This city just hugs you an embraces you with every little hidden passage, rustic door, immaculate craft, specialty coffee and handcraft art and textiles.

Their craft has very strong foundations on their ancestral practices. It's fascinating how "garbage", "useless" and inexpensive materials are used to preserve, restore and create; from Architectural buildings, Designs, Restaurants & Art.

The power in Design & creation has to do with the application of everything that already exists in front of creators, civilians, designers and new thinkers.

Oaxaca recycles and assemble elements that might have not had value until they convert it along with passion and purpose into limitless beauty that changes the relationship of its environment.

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Máscaras de Alambre


"Art Collective based on wire sculpture work, light performance and music experience"

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Máscaras de Alambre


"Art Collective based on wire sculpture work, light performance and music experience"

in @Boulenc

Existe un dialogo muy importante entre la arquitectura, la busqeuda emocional entre sus materiales. El simbolismo especifico sobrepasa la estetica en si.


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1. Marito & Moglie

Oaxaca is becoming widely known for its specialty coffee culture. Marito & Moglie is by far the best place to stop by for a freshly made pour over, a nice read of the cool artsy magazines at the back and of most definitely, to go and say hi to the charming Aurora & Stefano and their little nugget, We made friends almost immediately from landing in this charming little café. After that, we became like family.

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More than a hotel. This place felt like a small family.

2. Casa Antonieta & Muss Café

There's just an energy in this place that you can't beat. The Architectural design of this place is very smart; It has a coffee shop at the entrance of the hotel; meaning there's no reception (reception it's just a desk once you pass the coffee shop).
What's cool about this is that you are entering a dynamic, loud, cool place where everyone is drinking their delicious coffee, working on their laptops and the girls working are SO NICE and always greeting you like you've known them from years ago.

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Picas / Mezcal Restaurante * Bar

3. Sabina Sabe

As soon as we landed we went straight to Sabina for something to snack on and have a delicious cocktail with mezcal. This cozy place has very subtle light and it's all brick walls and rustic with industrial design touches. By far the best spot for a quick bite and a cheers.

A journey through different galaxies

4. Mezcales Cósmicos

A beautiful story behind this mezcal but not only the story but that way Demetrio will narrate it to you and literally take you through the cosmos until you get to a different galaxy. In Oaxaca it is important to honor and take your time to sip an alcoholic beverage. You never drink to get drunk. You drink to understand, learn and connect in different dimensions.